How to Stay Fit in Florida: Warm Weather Workouts and Wellness

How to Stay Fit in Florida: Warm Weather Workouts and Wellness
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Lana Cooksey
My goal is to improve the quality of life for all my clients by helping them feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.

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How to Stay Fit in Florida: Warm Weather Workouts and Wellness

Well, that happened fast.

We can keep our fingers crossed for another Bradenton cold snap or two, but it’s safe to say that spring 2023 has finally sprung in southwest Florida. The warm temps (and clouds of pollen) have come back with a vengeance.

So what does this mean for our workouts now?

Even if you’ve lived here for years, hot weather can throw a wrench in your fitness routine. Bradenton’s spring-summer temperatures mean discouragement and excuses, a change of workout setting or timing (or both), and different air conditions (whether you workout inside or not).

What’s a weightlifting woman to do?

Overcoming Warm Weather Discouragement and Excuses 

If you typically train outside, you’ve likely just experienced one of two possible setbacks:

1) You’ve gallantly stuck to your routine as temperatures rose. But you found yourself sluggish and low-energy, unable to lift what you thought you could or move like you used to (a month ago).

2) You’ve checked the weather report prior to your workout, seen the temperatures, and thought, “No thank you,” and skipped a day (or 10).

Both outcomes are understandable! But both get in the way of improving our health and wellness as the year progresses. We don’t want to be discouraged in our performance, nor do we want to give in to the excuse that the weather gets to dictate our workouts.

But here’s the bottom line: Heat training can be great for your body. But it does require adjustments.

If you want to keep going harder, heavier, faster, or longer: Work out in the morning, at night, or indoors. Remember that the gym is there for you. (And if you’re a woman in Bradenton, Lana’s is that gym.)

If you want to acclimate your body to the heat: Remember that heat puts additional stress on your body—just like increasing weight or speed. “You are replacing one potential gain with another one.” Rather than adding a rep or a plate, consider heat acclimation your new line to gain. Your hot-weather workouts should be lighter and slower, especially at first. If you do it gradually and correctly (an expert personal trainer is a must!), working out in warm weather will be one more thing your body is amazing at.

REMEMBER: Dehydration and heat stroke are serious risks when working out in the heat. Lifestyle, age, and other factors can affect your risk. Talk to your physician before beginning a heat-acclimation program, be aware of the warning signs, and take measures to protect yourself.

When the Weather Pushes You Inside Anyway

Whether it’s heat, storms, or monster-pollen, sometimes we just want our workouts to continue unimpeded. Of course, if you’re already into strength training and weightlifting (and we think you should be!), you might very well already be at home in the gym. But if not, there are some things to be aware of. Namely, the air.

If you’re used to working out outdoors, switching to an air-conditioned space can be an adjustment. AC air is typically dryer, as well as, well, cooler. That can create some surprises.

  • Your respiratory system relies on moisture to function. It will adjust to the dryer air, but it may take a few sessions.
  • You probably won’t sweat as much as you do outdoors. Never fear! Your muscles will still tell you when they’re getting a good workout. Don’t overdo it just because you expect sweat.


GUESS WHAT: Just because you’re sweating less doesn’t mean you can neglect your hydration. Remember, your respiratory system will also be using up moisture when indoors. You still need to be cautious about dehydration.

Ultimately, weightlifting and resistance training still provide the same amazing benefits no matter what time of year it is. Come in to Lana’s to experience personal training from a certified pro, who can also give you great guidance on how to keep your strength and wellness going, even as the warm weather keeps coming.

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