Why Women’s Gyms Matter

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Lana Cooksey
My goal is to improve the quality of life for all my clients by helping them feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.

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Why Women’s Gyms Matter

Hello, and welcome to Bradenton’s only fitness studio exclusively for women!

That’s right, Barbelles is the only women’s gym in town, and we take that mission very seriously—with smiles on our faces!

Barbelles cultivates a welcoming, inclusive women’s fitness experience with exceptional women fitness professionals and an overall environment that focuses on attitude, ability, improvement and achievement.

What’s Wrong with Traditional Gyms?

We support you whoever you are and wherever you work out.

But, as many women know, traditional workout spaces tend to be intimidating gym environments, steeped in “gymtimidation,” if you will.

That’s because these “old-school” gyms began not for health and wellness but for competition. That they were made exclusively for men was not an accident.

Remember, not that long ago, women were not just discouraged from weightlifting; they were explicitly barred from gyms. In fact, throughout history—and most of the 20th century!—women were banned from exercise and exercise competitions in most forms.

The Boston Marathon didn’t allow women runners until 1972. Women weren’t allowed at the World Weightlifting Championships until 1987. And the first World’s Strongest Woman event didn’t happen until 1997!

After going through these exclusionary and disrespectful gym experiences for generations, it’s no surprise that many women don’t want to play the traditional gym game.

And after all of that negativity, we still need special women’s fitness consideration to help overcome the prejudices that have been caused by centuries of backwards, exclusionary thinking. That’s why Barbelles is proud to be Bradenton’s only women’s fitness center. Together, we’re taking our place in the fitness landscape.

Why Are Women’s Gyms Different?

Let’s be clear: Women are incredible athletes and fierce competitors. But we don’t need to play the traditional gym game to prove it.

Every day, the Bradenton women’s gym experience at Barbelles proves that women can be tough and strong and welcoming and supportive all at once. We show up for one another.

The competitive, discriminative nature of traditional gyms puts people in a defensive and/or aggressive mentality that can actually affect how your body behaves. Yes, the wrong environment diminishes the quality of your workout—and can even make you more susceptible to injuries.

A welcoming, supportive women’s gym better facilitates the physical and mental states required to perform exercises correctly. A women’s fitness facility allows you to maximize your workout experience without cutting corners or overcompensating.

Plus, because women’s bodies tend to acquire less bulk, even with highly effective weightlifting and strength-training regimens, there’s less cause for flexing in the mirror and trying to intimidate with our muscles. Here, we all flex together.

Lana’s Barbelles: Bradenton’s Only Women’s Fitness Center 

Being the only fitness facility in Bradenton that caters exclusively to women, we have a fantastic opportunity to welcome a vibrant, varied, and incredibly vital family of women through our doors.

At Barbelles, the women’s gym experience helps our clients to thrive. Our environment is a source of positive energy, and we all feed off of each other’s positive presence.

If you’ve tried other southwest Florida gyms but have yet to find your place, come experience the difference at the only Bradenton gym for women.

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