Weight Training Resolutions for 2023

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Lana Cooksey
My goal is to improve the quality of life for all my clients by helping them feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.

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Weight Training Resolutions for 2023

It’s that time again.

Every 365 days, we try to reset our minds and bodies in the hopes of making ourselves better.

New Year’s Resolutions, especially body-related ones, can be frustrating. They’re often based on unrealistic expectations, poor understanding of physiology, a disregard for individual physical differences and abilities, an inability to recognize true improvements, and an unhelpful approach toward motivation and reward.

Common New Year’s Resolution Mistakes

Don’t make resolutions based on these mistakes:

  • Inexperience with exercise science
  • Outlandish expectations
  • Lack of self-knowledge
  • Disregard for true accomplishments
  • Resolutions based on self-loathing rather than self-love


How Personal Training Makes Resolutions Achievable

So who do you turn to when you want a better, healthier, stronger body and mind for 2023? Well, if you’re in Bradenton, you turn to Lana’s expert training team. At Lana’s, you will receive

  • Certified and experienced physiology expertise
  • Assessment and training built for your unique body
  • Scientific explanation for what works and what doesn’t
  • Concrete recognition of your achievements with every movement, every minute, every week and every month, all year round
  • 2023 resolutions that are achievable, and step-by-step guidance for achieving them


Why Weight Training Makes Resolutions Come True

Cardio-centric exercise has been the bane of women’s bodies for more than 40 years now. While men received quick and effective satisfaction from half-hour weightlifting sessions, women were (for whatever reasons) steered over to plodding on treadmills and other “low-intensity” exercises that would require hours upon hours of unrealistic dedication to even see the slightest difference.

And we’ve got enough to do without trying to add four hours of daily exercise, right?

When done correctly, under the guidance of professional personal trainers, weight training offers noticeable results in far less time. There are benefits that quite simply cannot be achieved through low-intensity cardio alone.

What Weight Training Achieves in Regular Half-Hour Sessions

  • Stronger joints as well as muscles
  • Increased lean muscle mass without added buik
  • Better physical definition
  • Improved posture and body awareness
  • Stronger bones
  • Lower body fat
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Improved functionality in daily tasks


This isn’t about buying into some far-fetched, hail-mary, snakeoil solution. It still takes physical dedication and mental stamina, which in and of itself improves your mental health.

But it’s also easy-to-see medical science. We just want to see more women in Bradenton taking advantage of this form of self-improvement.

Resolutions Aren’t Just You; They’re All of Us

One of the worst aspects of New Year’s Resolutions is how we often suffer alone and in silence, especially as women. This is no way to celebrate our bodies and make them even better!

Between one-on-one personal training and the unbeatable camaraderie of small-group classes, the best thing you can do in these opening days and weeks of 2023 is to join a team that offers both expert guidance as well as caring support. Those two qualities are equally vital, but unfortunately they’re hard to come by in one place.

That’s why Lana’s focus on Bradenton women’s weight training journeys is so important. We are one-on-one and eye-to-eye, as well as a group of voices striving together. Our small classes let you share your struggles and your triumphs with other people, right here in Bradenton, who are literally going through the same thing you are going through, as you’re going through it.

And our certified personal trainers’ methods involve in-person, even hands-on sessions delivered with equal parts authority and nurturing investment in you as a person. Wherever you go in our boutique, women’s-only gym, you will see a face and hear a voice encouraging you forward.

This is not your big-box, one-size-fits-most, generic chain-gym exercise experience. This is what effective weight training should look like.

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