How to Stay Strong (Literally) Through the Holidays

How to Stay Strong (Literally) Through the Holidays
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Lana Cooksey
My goal is to improve the quality of life for all my clients by helping them feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.

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How to Stay Strong (Literally) Through the Holidays

Oh, we’re in it now.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we are fully in the holiday whirlwind. Every year, we know it’s coming. But we still feel surprised by the rush, and we struggle not to feel overwhelmed.

Every year, we go into the holiday season saying we’re going to look after our physical and mental health. And every year we struggle to live up to our plans and expectations.

And as always, we ask ourselves: How will we make this year’s holiday fitness different? Well, we’ve got your answer in two easy steps.

Step 1: Turn to Lana’s as your resource for all things Bradenton women’s fitness.

Step 2: Keep reading.

Why Is Holiday Fitness Important?

Fitness is always important, of course. This is, more or less, what we’re always talking about, the vital benefits of strength training: not just your muscles, but your bones, heart, body fat, balance, mental wellbeing, right down to specific illnesses and health conditions.

And during the holidays, a weightlifting plan provides so much of what we need for wellness in a powerfully efficient package: physical, chemical and emotional enhancement in a relatively short amount of time.

On top of maintaining our health and sanity, there’s another pressing reason to keep up with our holiday strength training: 2023 is looming on the horizon. More than a month of holiday stress and indulgence really sets us up for failure when it comes to our resolutions.

So if you need a little motivational reminder, try to look past your current holiday hassle to your needs for the New Year. The work you put in now is just your preparation for your best-ever January.

How to Stay Strong in Your Routine

It’s tempting to hop in the holiday river and ride the rapids all the way into January. But you’ve got to put your foot down to the floor and plan a few stops along the way. Here are a few ideas for picking out a still spot and staying still long enough for some squats and stretches.

The thing that unites these three tips: Be specific.

Do it first thing. However precious your morning routine is, trust us, making room for exercise will help. Whether it’s an early a.m. trip to the gym or a dedicated at-home routine—consult your Bradenton personal trainer for specific exercises!—when your body gets going before your brain does, everyone has a better day.

Write it down. Do you have a shopping lists for gifts? What about for groceries? So how about a list for weekly workouts? Either you put your workouts into your planner alongside all your other tasks—include a specific time and duration!—or you list specific exercises that need to be achieved before the end of the day. Either way, when it’s down on paper, you know what you’re aiming for.

Incorporate it into other holiday tasks. Dropped a spoon or need to get something out of the lowest cupboard? Use proper squat or lunge form to go down there and get back up—and do four more while you’re at it. Ornament rolled under the couch? Embrace the plank and pushup posture, and don’t forget to breathe. Keep your gym training in mind as you move through your day, and you’ll see where the opportunities for workouts naturally arise.

Bring a friend in on the fun. We bet you have buddies for shopping trips and helpers in the kitchen. Why not for workouts? Whether it’s a spouse, a coworker, or even a younger relative, tell them you want strength exercises to be a part of your holidays. Chances are, they’ll think that’s a great idea, and the enthusiasm will uplift you both.

Utilize Your Bradenton Fitness Resources

Of course, we highly recommend a personal trainer in our Bradenton women’s-only gym environment to get every last benefit from a 30-minute workout. But this isn’t about ideal circumstances. During the holidays, your body craves the workout wherever it is.

Still, if you have a chance to talk to us, we are happy to help. So happy! We’ve always got tips, medical science, new workout ideas, and a few much-needed words of encouragement to get you going!

And we know how incredibly important a sense of accomplishment can be, especially this time of year. Keep your eyes on the prize, and you’re going to be killin’ it come the New Year.

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