Buddy Training With Women’s Fitness: Lanas Barbelles of Bradenton, Florida

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Lana Cooksey
My goal is to improve the quality of life for all my clients by helping them feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.

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Buddy Training With Women’s Fitness: Lanas Barbelles of Bradenton, Florida

Looking for a place to train that is all about buddy training in Bradenton?

Buddy training with women’s fitness in mind, is a great way to get motivated and stay accountable. Lanas Barbelles of Bradenton, Florida knows this all too well. Barbelles is a personal training and small group training facility in Bradenton and is all about women only. Lana, the owner, and founder has found that buddy training offers benefits beyond just staying fit! Read on for more information about buddy training and how wonderful it is!

Buddy Training and Women’s Fitness in Bradenton

Lanas Barbelles helps busy women in Bradenton stay fit and strong. Lana and her team help clients build muscle, lose weight, tone up and build endurance. If you need help getting out of a rut or need to get motivated, buddy training is a great idea. The buddy system can help keep you accountable for things like eating right and showing up for your workouts. The team at Lana’s Barbelles knows how to motivate even the most time-crunched women. It doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is, buddy training can be done in 30 minutes and can be more affordable than one-on-one personal training.

If you want buddy training that is all about women’s fitness in Bradenton, then Lana’s Barbelles may be a great place for you. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have with Strength training or women’s health and wellness, Lana and her team can work to help make you and your buddy’s goals come true.

Buddy Training With Women of Bradenton In The New Year!

Looking for a way to get fit as the new year begins? Why not try buddy training? It can be more fun to train with a friend and it will definitely help hold you both accountable.

If you and a friend are looking to get in shape, look no further than Barbelles. We all need motivation and assistance sometimes, and what better way to get motivation and guidance than to get a buddy and a trainer! Give us a call today at (941) 600-2257 to find out more information or schedule a complimentary health assessment. It may be just what you need to get fit this year!

Some of these benefits include:

  • Buddy fitness training helps you stay on track and achieve your goals
  • Buddy fitness training keeps you accountable
  • Buddy fitness training provides support and motivation
  • Buddy training is fun!
  • Buddy Training is more affordable than one on one personal training

Wrapping Up Why Buddy Training Rocks in Bradenton

The importance of a good fitness regimen should never be underestimated. A good fitness regimen can help improve your overall health, make you look and feel better, improve your immune system and give you more energy. And, what’s even better, is that buddy fitness training can make the whole process more fun and exciting!

A buddy can be extremely helpful when it comes to staying on track with your fitness goals. Having someone to workout with, and who is also working towards the same goals, can provide support and motivation. In addition, buddy fitness training can be more fun than working out alone, which can often lead to sticking with your routine longer. If you’re looking for a buddy trainer in the Bradenton area, look no further than Lana’s Barbelles! Our friendly and supportive staff will help you get fit and achieve your goals in no time!

One of the main benefits of buddy fitness training is that it helps you stay accountable. When you have someone to workout with, you are less likely to skip a session or put off working out. This is because you don’t want to let your buddy down, and you know that they are counting on you to be there and so is your trainer. In addition, buddy fitness training provides support and motivation, which can also help keep you on track. So, what are you waiting for, give us a call today, and get signed up!

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