Bradenton Yoga Classes Complement Your Strength-Training, Fat-Burning Program

Bradenton Yoga Classes Complement Your Strength-Training, Fat-Burning Program
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Lana Cooksey
My goal is to improve the quality of life for all my clients by helping them feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.

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Bradenton Yoga Classes Complement Your Strength-Training, Fat-Burning Program

Yoga is a physical and mental discipline that has been a daily part of whole-body wellbeing for countless people for generations. Johns Hopkins Medicine, for example, cites nine specific mental and physical benefits of yoga.

No one fitness discipline does it all. That’s why Bradenton’s Lana’s Barbelles curated fitness programs are expertly designed to build lean muscle mass, burn fat, and establish better overall health and wellbeing. Yoga is another natural tool that, when combined with Lana’s other offerings, creates the best possible whole-body fitness program for each of our clients.

Lana’s established one-on-one personal training services, bootcamps for strength training, HIIT, Tabata for fat burning, are now joined by the added flexibility and core strength that can be gained through our new Bradenton yoga classes. Altogether, these options make Lana’s Barbelles an ideal Bradenton wellness studio where you’ll receive a guided, comprehensive, well-rounded and safe fitness program.

All of us at Lana’s have learned, practiced, and deployed a number of physical training and therapy tools throughout our careers—guided by what science says is best as well as what we can see will be best for our Bradenton personal training clients.

With Lana’s Bradenton yoga classes at 6 p.m. every Thursday, you can add an in-person personalized yoga experience to your full Lana’s fitness program, all right here in your southwest Florida backyard.

Here are just a few of the major ways a regular yoga practice can supplement your all-around fitness program:

Balance, Core Strength and Flexibility

Yoga is especially important for our Bradenton population. Aging naturally affects our balance and flexibility. Unless we work to counteract these limits, we will only get less and less mobile. This is why strength training and yoga go so perfectly together. When you add yoga to your regular strength and fat-burning programs at Lana’s, your everyday Bradenton lifestyle will be that much easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Relaxation and Stress Management

Just as Western medicine has accepted yoga, we’ve also accepted the very real consequences of stress. Even minor stress taxes our health and wellbeing. Everything that yoga entails—stretching, physical control, and especially intentional breathing—immediately de-stresses your nervous system and provides relaxation benefits that last. Better still, a regular yoga practice means that these relaxation benefits will last longer and longer every time.

Bradenton Yoga Connects You to a Healthy Bradenton Community

As we always say with personal training, the human connection is a vital part of your physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga is no different. When you can not only experience yoga’s personal benefits but share them with those around you, your health and wellness grow exponentially.

Join us at Lana’s for Bradenton yoga, Thursdays at 6. Call (941) 600-2257 for more information and a friendly, welcoming connection.

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